What Is Your Dharma?

Connector & Truth Seeker



What does Krista speak about?

  • Krista is an honest marketer — fully dedicated to her clients, all who are working to change a part of the world for the better.

  • She tells stories about all of the things, from embracing your complexities, to the importance of storytelling, and being radically honest with yourself so that you can be radially honest with others.

  • With a deep understanding of the world of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success — she leaves her audience with tangible ways to communicate honestly, grow their business, and live their truth.



Marketing your Dharma Talk

  • In this talk, Krista explores how living your truth happens when your work aligns with your purpose.

  • Marketing is a byproduct of doing the hard work. And when you do the work, your marketing becomes authentic. And that’s when people start to care because when you care, people can feel it.

  • She encourages her audience to not shy away from resistance and complexities but to instead embrace them and create a strategy that encompasses all of this — our gifts, our resistance, and our truth because the easiest thing to sell is the truth.