Authentic Audience


Authentic Audience offers the beauty and the brains. The team does not pander to your dreams, the team collaborates with you to transform those dreams into viable, sustainable realities with no-nonsense, effective client services.

Brand Strategy

Authentic Audience partners with clients to create unique and authentic brand identity, from frontend voice and images to backend client targeting, that supports your message and tells your story.

Digital Marketing

Authentic Audience integrates strategies for copywriting, landing pages, and advanced targeting, thereby maximizing the efficiency of your advertising budget on the platforms most relevant to your business and your customers on Facebook and Instagram.


Authentic Audience increases website traffic with custom SEO strategies. Our systematic and proven approach towards everything SEO will boost your site's ranking in search engines, heighten visibility, and improve your bottom line.

Email Marketing

We offer customized email templates and newsletters capable of integration with and distribution; this methodology allows you to connect with your current and future audiences and re-engage former clients through advanced segmentation to target users with the right message at the right time.

Content Creation

Whether you are ready or not, short-form and LIVE content is the future of advertising. Our team of photographers and videographers can execute anything you can dream up or collaborate with you to find a meaningful vision and path to reach the most receptive sets of eyes and ears for your business.

Social Media Consulting

Authentic Audience grows your online following quickly through advanced analytic tools so you can optimize your posts, gain insights into your follower growth, and measure with hard data the actual effects of each campaign.


If you don't see the package right for you, we can customize a package to meet your unique needs.

4 1:1 Consultations

-website upgrade

-social media consult + customized strategy

-email marketing and how to grow your list

starts at $1,200

Marketing Strategy + Ad Management

-tracking pixel installation

-Facebook retargeting ad setup

-custom campaign strategies

-Ongoing ad management & optimization

-Weekly reports & calls

-Authentic creative + copywriting

starts at $3,500/month

Let's Launch Baby!

-tracking pixel installation

-Facebook retargeting ad setup

- 60 day launch strategy

-Ad management & optimization

-Landing Page Strategy

-Email Drip Strategy

-Weekly reports & calls

-Authentic creative + copywriting

-Social Media Management + Growth Strategy

& more...

starts at $5,000/month

Not sure where to start?

Book a 90 minute deep dive with Krista. She will help you decide which direction you need to go in, what you should be focusing on,  and how to where you want to be as quickly as possible. 

In this call she will take you through her process and give you the tools to create the brand you are destined to have. This call will leave you empowered and excited to take the next steps in your business and in your life.

Topics to cover: 

- Defining your brand

- Build A Strategy 

- Customer Flow

- Website Design/Layout

- Social Media Strategy

- Email Nurture Campaigns

- Lead Gen

- Facebook Ad Optimization

... and more. 

"In just 1 hour Krista completely changed my mindset of how I can grow this school and what a resource of richness we have at our fingertips. Rather than do the work for me, she instead educated me and empowered me to be the leader of my own brand. She re-ignited the Tapas inside of me to move forward with vigor, strength and focus. Wow."

Lauren Rudick, Yoga Academy International