Authentic Audience

Krista Ripma

CoFounder + President

Krista founded Authentic Audience to help people who love what they do, succeed. That’s the difference between Authentic Audience and any another marketing firm: you have to love what you do. Krista puts her all into her clients because, as diverse as their enterprises, all are working to change a part of the world for the better one human at a time. Because Krista intimately understands the web of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success, she is able to create and hone stunning and compelling brands.


Krista’s yogic path is intrinsic to her leadership and marketing philosophies. She knows when to let go, when to push past resistance, and the importance of honest support. She will have the hard conversation. She will celebrate with you as you exceed even your own best expectations of yourself, because she sees businesses and people as authentic connections that are diverse and full of potential. 

Authentic Audience does not serve the entire universe of companies looking to manage their online brand presence; Authentic Audience selectively serves the companies behind the dreams that are helping to create a more inclusive, caring, and kind world for us all.

Our Team

Clay Ripma, CoFounder + CTO

Clay co-founded Authentic Audience because he was driven to change how small businesses were forced to interact with the large-scale online marketing industry. He grew increasingly frustrated as he witnessed goliath advertising agencies prey upon yoga studios and small businesses, many of whom were founded or owned by his close friends, with crippling costs and mediocre to null returns. Empowered by his background in business development and his obsession with numbers, Clay became the change he wanted to see.

Clay is the mastermind behind Authentic Audience’s successful ad campaigns. His transparency with customer engagement and data analytics affords Authentic Audience clients a refreshing, novel, and you guessed it, authentic approach to Facebook Advertising. He will optimize your campaigns, engage your current audience, and deliver new, quality leads every day. Rather than generating mindless clicks, his systems spark online interactions that target the humans most likely to desire and purchase your offerings. Clay’s methodical, numbers-driven approach to online presence is balanced by his understanding of and respect for the unique vision and mission of every brand he represents.

Sam Jacobs, Content Writer

Sam is our content writer and team badass.  She is an Oakland based writer, performer and yoga instructor. She received her law degree from Yale Law School and practiced public interest law in Louisiana and California before finding the bravery to embrace her love of stories too grey and complicated to be told in the legal context. She is currently working on her first novel and attending Pacific University’s MFA program. She is a reader for The New England Review. She wants to know your message or listen long enough to help you find the words to articulate it aloud, even if for the first time. She is an integral part of the collaboration and development of enticing but always honest company voices for Authentic Audience clients.

Sari Blum, Visuals + Photographer

Sari is here to show you and your clients the world through her eyes and it comes in lyric patterns of color and contrast. Her images are evocative of the joy and play that accompany any risk terrifying enough to take; of the heart behind the beauty; of the vulnerability behind the madness. She captures the value of your authentic self because she is in touch with her own. Sari is an Oakland based photographer, a writer and a dreamer. She believes in connections, gut feelings, and the good in people. If you can dare to feel it, her lens will capture it. She makes pictures that are meant to transport you, move you. When her images fuel Authentic Audience campaigns, your clients are afforded the opportunity to glimpse the world through Sari’s eyes.